Gym Floor Installation Los Angeles

For hardwood floor basketball gym installations in Los Angeles, look no further than Z-Best Hardwood Floors! Whether you plan on installing new, refinishing, or repairing your existing gym floor, Z-Best Hardwood has the answer. We have years of experience with half or full basketball courts and have expert craftsmanship and precision with regards to court lines and team logo/decals as well. From custom team designs, to sponsor decals, we can turn your high-school, college, or recreational gym into a professional grade arena that rivals NBA courts themselves! Court lines can be painted for basketball, volleyball, racquetball, futsal soccer, and more! Although we may not be able to help your small-forward's jump-shot, we can make your team's players feel like they're playing in Game 7! Side effects of a Z-Best Hardwood basketball gym may include an influx of low-post dominance, exaggerated 3-point range, and an increase half-court shot audacity. DISCLAIMER: Z-Best Hardwood is not responsible for games lost. However, we will take responsibility for any and all championships won (including CIF, State, and National).

North Saxon High School Gym

Gym Floor Installation

For basketball gym floor installations in Los Angeles, contact Z-Best Hardwood today! If you're building a new court, or you think it's time to replace your existing gym, we can demolish and install a new basketball court for you! In addition to installation we can paint court lines and install decals and sponsor logos. When it comes to installing a basketball gym floor, many factors come into play. Allow the experts from Z-Best Hardwood to assist to make your gym professional-grade today! 

Private Residential Half-Court Basketball Court

Gym Floor Refinishing

If your athletic gym floor has been in commission for several years and just needs a new coat of finish, we can sand and reapply to make the hardwood floors look as good as new! Quality hardwood floors are built to last many years; we can use the existing life of the current floors to make them seem brand new! For gyms that have experienced much wear and tear in recent years, Z-Best Hardwood can eliminate surface scratches and cosmetically improve the look and feel of your court with a refinishing!

Birmingham High School Gym

Gym Floor Repairs

Gym floors in are exposed to a substantial amount of traffic on a consistent basis. From a number of teams coming in and out of the arena, to thousands of fans streaming in to support their favorite squads, your gym floor may be susceptible to extreme harm. For basketball gym floor repairs in Los Angeles, contact Z-Best Hardwood for an estimate today! Whether your floors were flooded or exposed to serious external damage, we can repair sections and refinish to leave the floors looking good as new.