Different Kinds of Hardwood Floors in Los Angeles

So you have decided to install hardwood floors in your home in Los Angeles. That's great!

They have been one of the most popular and reliable choices for floors for many years now. Now you are faced with the next big decision- what kind of hardwood floors should I install in my home? There are a couple different options to choose from, and we have detailed all of them for you! 

Solid Wood 

Solid wood can be refinished usually 3-5 times pending the thickness and quality of the materials you have installed. If you refinish your floors every 10-15 years this gives your floors a lifetime of at least 50 years if not longer!


 This material has a solid layer of wood on top with pieces of plywood underneath it. This is used when you are installing the materials directly onto concrete in a home, and also does extremely well in basements where there is generally more moisture. Pending the thickness of the wear layer on the engineered floor you can refinish it 1-2 times, which gives your floors a general lifetime of about twenty years.


 This is not actually a real wood material, nor a material that we work with as a company. It is made from a plastic layer over an MDF core and is very noisy when installed in your home. It cannot be sanded and is very hard to repair. 

Be sure that you remodel and maintain your home with the right flooring company! Contact the professionals at Z Best Hardwood for a free estimate and receive the best customer service and hardwood flooring quality. Z Best Hardwood will help you with all of your hardwood flooring needs including installation, refinishing and repairs!

White Wash Finished White Oak Installation  

White Wash Finished White Oak Installation  

Heavily Distressed Solid Red Oak

Heavily Distressed Solid Red Oak