Athletic Floors

When it comes to maintaining your athletic floors (basketball courts, dance floors etc) it is important to consider how often you require services to keep them in great shape. 

Commercial wood floors see a lot of regular wear and tear, more than the average residential hardwood floors. Oftentimes with commercial floors, they see many different teams and groups of people that are constantly utilizing the floors in a more aggressive manner. As a result, we utilize the materials in a strategic way in order to make sure that they withstand the kind of abuse these floors are designed for.

We install and refinish athletic courts above standard, and make sure to apply the proper amount of paint to the court lines. We apply ample layers of finish to make sure the courts are sealed properly so that they last. This being said, they still need to be maintained properly with re- coating once every 1-3 years. Every 5-7 years they will need to be refinished, and eventually will need to be replaced. However, if they are maintained in this manner, it will significantly extend the lifetime of your floors and minimize the amount of repairs you need every time you refinish the floors. 

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