Hardwood Floor Maintenance

One of the biggest questions we often hear is 'How do I maintain my new hardwood floors?' 

What's nice about hardwood floors is that they are virtually very low maintenance, and taking care of them can be a breeze! One of the most important things to remember when it comes to cleaning your newly installed or refinished hardwood floors is to NEVER clean them with a mop and soapy water. Hardwood is a live material- it's real wood! The floors expand and shrink according to many factors including temperature and humidity. However, if you get the floors soaking wet then they will begin to buckle and you will have to completely refinish and repair your beautiful new floors once more! 

In an effort to avoid incorrectly taking care of your floors, the best way to clean them is to use a hardwood floor cleaning kit specifically designed for your floors. This will remove the dust particles from the floor without dulling the finish that we used to seal your floor. We often use a special spray cleaner as well, that is designed to clean the finish and the floor without harming the actual hardwood with harsh chemicals and too much moisture.

To prevent deep scratches and wear and tear in high traffic areas, be sure to put felt at the bottom of all of your furniture that is on your floors, such as the dining room table and chairs. This way, when guests and family members move the furniture, it will glide smoothly over the floor, instead of deeply scratching it every time! 

Be sure that you remodel and maintain your home with the right flooring company! Contact the professionals at Z Best Hardwood for a free estimate and receive the best customer service and hardwood flooring quality. Z Best Hardwood will help you with all of your hardwood flooring needs including installation, refinishing and repairs!