'Hard' Wood vs 'Soft' Wood- Whats the difference?

Different species of wood are rated according to them being hard wood or soft wood, and it is important to understand these differences before deciding what to install in your home or business.

Different species of wood are rated according to how dense, hard and durable they are on a scale called the Janka scale. The higher the type of wood you are interested in is on the scale, the harder the material is, making it more durable. Pending on the type of traffic and abuse your floors will receive, not every residence requires an extremely hard, durable wood floor. If your home is low traffic, without children or pets, you most likely could go with a species of wood lower on the scale, which gives you many more options. However, if you are installing hardwood in a commercial area or in a home where there is high traffic, a wood higher up on the scale will be necessary because it has a natural protector in the density of the material from wear and tear. 

Customers often find themselves in a crossroads between wanting to go strictly according to the way a wood looks or strictly according to how long it will last in their home. However, it is important to take both into consideration when making this decision, because your floors are an investment that will be there for at least 50 years if not longer! There are ways to change the color of your wood with different stains, bleaches and finishes after it has been installed if the color is not something you are keen on, but the durability is. We have ample ways of customizing your floors to make them the right fit to your style and taste!

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