Custom Installation and Design

We can install solid or engineered wood over concrete, wooden subfloors, raised decks, and more! Customization includes in-house manufacturing abilities both on long-strip engineered wood, and herringbone parquet.  We have all your flooring goals taken care of.


We can replace your home's floors today! In addition to your living room, dining room, and bedroom, we can install stairs, subfloors, molding, crown molding, and casing. 


We have extensive experience installing athletic courts. Including, but not limited to gymnasiums, dance studios, sprung floors, and weight rooms. We have also served many restaurants, office buildings, and galleries around Southern California. 


Our staircase services include new installation, repair and refinishing of existing surfaces and are all customized to your home.


In addition to refinishing, we can repair any major or minor damages to the floors that cannot be removed with basic sanding. 


We have a proven process to remove any and all water damages. This includes bleaching of mold-infected areas.


We can replace and repair termite infested floors and subfloors to match existing floors as if the pests were never there!


Your pet's urine spots can be removed by cutting and replacing those planks. Additionally, we can apply special chemicals to mitigate the smell and prevent reoccurrence. 


Eco-Friendly Refinishing 

We employ several methods for refinishing floors. Options include traditional oil-based polyurethane and water based urethane in addition to the optional Eco-Friendly Zero VOC alternative. 

Custom stain

Some of our refinishing options include aging, bleaching, fuming and more to satisfy your custom requirements. 

Paste wax/Rubio Monocoat

We are one of the few companies in the Los Angeles area who uses this 100% VOC free hard oil. This is a linseed oil-based VOC free product that comes in over 40 different colors!

Learn more about Rubio Monocoat HERE

Oil based/water based

These options are if you're looking for floors with higher sheens. These are we use to achieve satin, semi-gloss, and glossy finishes. 

Logos and Game Lines

For commercial refinishing purposes, we can paint logos and game lines fit for your court's needs. 

24-Hour Re-Coat Service

We provide overnight refinishing and re-coat services so your business can minimize downtime, and continue operations smoothly all while improving the look of your floors!

Superior Moulding

We are proud to say that we now offer crown moulding, base moulding, and quarter round moulding from Superior Moulding.